How we can help

Short Term Goals

Know That Our Purpose Is Not Limited To These Goals.  Our Focus Is Bigger.

1. Identify and partner with hospitals, churches and other community organizations.
2. Provide food, clothing, shelter and other basic requirements for needy children and their families.
3. Distribute toys to children in various hospitals.
LOVE FOR CHILDREN is an organization based on faith, love and hope. We hope that you will join forces with us to make a difference in the lives of others by donating to this worthy cause. For Jessie, seeing the smile on a child’s face is the ultimate happiness. Her goal is to help kids forget their sickness for the moment and just enjoy playing with their toys.

Long Term Goals

1. Transform, empower, give love and hope to children.
2. Help in producing future community leaders and difference makers in society.
3. To reduce poverty and improve self-reliance.



Our Focus

We act and speak honestly. We are factual and open in terms of dealing with donor constituencies, governments, project communities, the public, and all other. We endeavour to pass on a public image sticking to reality. We strive for uniformity between what we say and what we do.
We take pride in high standards of professional competence and accept the need to be responsible through proper structures for achieving these standards. We share our knowledge and experience with others where it can assist them.

Our Focus Is Growing

We Told You Our Focus Was Bigger

We maintain a spirit of openness and a cooperative stance towards other humanitarian organizations. We are enthusiastic about receiving and considering honest opinions from others regarding our work.
We are responsive to serious emergencies where our involvement is desired and appropriate. We are willing to step forward and take intelligent risks by acting quickly. We do this from a foundation of sensitivity and experience to what the situation requires. We also recognize that even amidst crisis, the destitute have a role to play from their experience.
We are quick to respond in a different sense where often complex and deep-seated economic and social deprivation calls for long-term development and sustainability. We retain the commitments required for this to occur.
We are responsive to unusual and new opportunities. We encourage flexibility, innovation and creativity. We maintain an attitude of discovery, learning and reflection in order to develop in understanding and skill.
We are truthful to the purpose for which those resources are offered and manage them in a way that brings maximum benefit to the poor.



Please give what you can and help Love For Children make a difference for children around the world.

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Love For Children is a Non-Profit Organization